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The tiny CONTY houses offer the functionality and comfort of a modern
house while providing additional benefits. The endless adaptability, the
possibility of expansion, movement or resale, combined with the need of
modern man to be close to nature, make it increasingly imperative to
acquire a CONTY house.


Area | 16m2

Dimensions | 6.2m x 2.6m


Area | 22m2

Dimensions | 8.5m x 2.6m


Area | 32m2

Dimensions | 6.2m x 5.2m


Area | 44m2

Dimensions | 8.5m x 5.2m

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closer to nature more than ever

CONTY Tiny Houses have been designed and built with qualitymaterials, friendly to humans and nature, with the aim of maximumcomfort in accommodation and better functionality, while minimizing theburden on the environment.

Made In Greece

CONTY IS THE Modern Housing Solution In Container Dimensions

designed with passion, implemented with love

Conty Tiny House

The Best Concept Living House

Each CONTY is made of steel frame, solid wood, stone wool insulationand waterproof plasterboard, while the paint materials as a whole havethe best technical specifications for durability.

The transport of CONTY is simple due to their shaped dimensions of acontainer and their installation is easy too, thanks to the existence of infrastructure for water, electricity and sewerage.

In addition, the modular design allows their expansion with theintegration of one or more CONTY, while providing the possibility ofconnecting a photovoltaic panel, water tank and chemical septic tank,offering complete autonomy.

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